Alok Nair


Mobile Application Developer with 8+ years of experience in developing Android using Java and Kotlin and iOS / macOS applications using Swift and Objective-C. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University.

Built several applications covering a wide area of usage such as EduTech, Utility Apps, End Consumer Apps, E-Commerce Apps, Location-based Apps, IoT Apps, etc.

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Extensive knowledge of the iOS/macOS App development using Swift and Objective-C, and Android App development using Java and Kotlin

Expertise working with databases such as SQLite, CoreData, and Realm

Good knowledge of designing tools and platforms such as Sketch, Invision Studio, Adobe XD, Avocode, Zeplin, and Adobe Photoshop. Experienced in creating app flows and wireframes using various tools

Experienced working with various architectures such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, and VIPER

Experienced in UI development in iOS using Storyboards, XIBs, SnapKit, and SwiftUI

Experienced with frameworks/libraries such as RxSwift, RxJava2, Android Architectural Components, Dagger2, Koin, Coroutines, etc

Experienced in integrating Payment Gateways such as Paytm, Paypal, Razorpay, PayU Money, Stripe, and Citrus Pay

Experienced working with Biometric authentication on Android and iOS

Experienced in 3rd Party APIs such as Google Analytics,, FreshChat, Google Maps, Google Places, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, Firebase Real-time Database, Quickblox, HealthKit, LoginRadius, Prismic, Recombee, etc

Used and Firebase Crashlytics for crash reports. Also used Fabric, Flurry, Mixpanel, AppSee, Firebase Analytics and Google Analytics for tracking user behavior and events

Experienced in integrating the apps with Social media kits such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Experienced working with BLE Devices such as Beacons (Estimote and Kontakt) and WiFi Triangulation for Indoor Navigation System and Social Security Apps

Expertise in In-App Purchases configuration, integration, and development in both iOS and Android platforms

Experienced integrating Ad platforms such as Facebook Audience Network and Google AdMob in both iOS and Android platforms

Notable Apps

Noon Academy

Noon Academy is one of the fastest growing EdTech startups in the Middle East, with over 3 Million registered students. It is a social learning platform where students can find the best tutors, join their groups and engage with their peers in live interactive sessions. Students can ask questions, help others, find helpful content and have 24/7 access to favorite tutors. Students can attend live interactive sessions & competitions, solve questions, create posts in groups, post comments on posts, compete in a leaderboard, talk with teachers or peers.

SOS Method - Meditation & Mindfulness
Android     iOS

SOS Method is a meditation and wellness platform for individuals and enterprises (employees) by providing Special Formula Meditations, Discovery Programs, and Life Tools. Users can use the app for daily meditations to find relief from stress, anxiety, burnout, sleeplessness and more. Users can also track progress, share stories with friends and family, and help to build a community.

PipProfit! by Fullerton Markets
Android     iOS

PipProfit! was developed by Fullerton Markets to meet the growing demands of tech-savvy, on-the-move traders with several key features, wrapped in a clear and easy-to-navigate interface. The app functions as a comprehensive platform that offers vital updates on events, help users with key news and can be accessed without location constraints.

Vuzz - Social Media Station
Android     iOS

Vuzz is one of a kind social media app that enables people to create, share and listen to broadcasts from around the world in a fun and exciting way. Users can enjoy listening to what others are saying as well as listen to the news, events, special promotions, and so much more through a hands-free social media experience.

Toyota UTrust iOS Enterprise App

Enterprise App for Toyota U Trust, a certified used car program run by Toyota Kirloskar Motors. The app is for employees registered in the UTrust platform to gather complete details of the car and its relevant documentation. It provides options such as to take 360 view recordings of car, view/update stock data, manage leads/meetings, etc.

1TAM - 1 Thing About Me

1TAM is a video based opinion sharing app that replicates real life conversations on the mobile platform. Users can share their opinion, ask for feedback or share just about anything with a 60-second video. Interaction is fueled by users responding to videos by their own 60-second video as a response. Each engaging action earns points for the users who are then ranked on the leaderboard.

ResQ Button

ResQ Button App is a companion app for the ResQ Button Hardware. It provides features such as Emergency Safety & Security, Inventory & Asset Tracking, and Safe Places. The App detects signals from ResQ Button BLE Devices and responds in real-time by communicating with the cloud server.

Vitae22 (Arya SmartHome)
Android     iOS

Vitae22 is a smart home automation app. It’s been designed to improve the lifestyle of users by offering benefits like comfort and convenience, energy savings as well as safety and security. Ability was given to the users to configure smart rules. With close to 20 different devices catering to convenience, energy, and safety, Vitae22 is a comprehensive full suite home automation platform that enables intelligent living.

Fashalot - Shopping Rewards (Relaunched as twid)

Fashalot is a rewards app to get rewarded for shopping from nearby fashion stores. With Fashalot users can discover nearby fashion stores, in-store sales, deals, offers & discounts, latest collection and earn cashback every time they shop. Users can earn reward points by uploading bills, reviews, check-in, etc.


Work Experience

Noon Academy

01.2020 — Present
Product Engineer - Android
06.2019 — 12.2019
Android Technical Consultant (On Contract)

Ailoitte Technologies

07.2018 — 12.2019
Lead Mobile Engineer

Socedge Technologies

04.2017 — 06.2018
Lead Developer - Mobility Solutions
04.2016 — 03.2017
Senior Developer - Mobility Solutions
05.2014 — 03.2017
Developer - Mobility Solutions

Cyber Prism Limited

06.2012 – 04.2014
Developer - Mobile Apps